Elements Fine Dining Restaurant


Elements Autumn Dinner Menu

Small Plates

     Blue Cheese, Cranberry & Vegetable Salad - Jullienne of carrot,  beet & pickled daikon with plumped cranberries, hazelnut & Spanish Valdeon blue cheese in a cranberry vinaigrette


         Chef's Rabbit Terrine with pistachio/ onion chutney - served with croustades


  Autumn Salad - baby lettuces & arugula with Clementine orange & pickled red onion dressed in          saffron/ cider vinaigrette        


  Seared venison carpaccio in a warm salad of exotic mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, cippoline onion,                              treviso & watercress - finished with truffle oil & shaved Manchego cheese                                     $15       

                        Gambas Al Pil Pil - wild caught jumbo pink shrimp in hot chili pepper and honey                            with a saute of tomato, onion, cilantro and garlic, served over polenta and grilled endive hearts       $11  

                            Friulano Cheese- panko crusted and fried, with sweet cherry compote                                 $12     

Salmon Gravlax- house cured two ways: beet/dill and citrus with grilled asparagus, pickled onion, dill wasabi chevre (artisan goat cheese from Crosswind Farms)

$ 12

Autumn Galette - phyllo pastry layered with butternut squash, walnut, & Crosswind Farm Feta

$ 12

                                                                  Main Dishes                                                                          

                Filet of AAA Beef Tenderloin - in a Spanish spice marinate of paprike, cumin, Sherry vinegar & honey accompanied by a selection of local Autumn vegetables & patatas Espanol 


               Pollo- chicken supreme pan roasted with lemon, tomato, almond, anise & red chillies accompanied by a selection of local Autumn vegetables & patatas Espanol


                         Hand made Ravioli filled with spiced butternut squash - finished with brown butter & sage 

   $ 19   

               Fresh Ontario pork tenderloin-  stuffed with cranberry & apple - spice seared & served over mint/ onion freekag accompanied by carrot Romesco & a selection of local Autumn vegetables 


        Harvest Vegetable Grill over a braise of white beans with a saute of local greens garnished with smoked paprika, garlic drizzle & gourmet sprouts 


 Our chef offers special additions to the menu each day, including fresh fish & featured Ontario meats   

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