Elements Fine Dining Restaurant

Elements Winter Lunch Menu

Salads and Appetizers

Ensalada Espanol- baby lettuces, artichoke hearts, almonds, and green olives in a lemon/ dill vinagrette 

Caesar Salad - tossed with prosciutto crisps, croutons and Gran Padano Parmesan cheese     


House made pate of local rabbit with a chutney of  pistachio and sweet onion


                   Empanadas - chicken, saffron, tomato, pimento, almond and fresh herbs


Fruilano Cheese- panko crusted and freid - with fresh cherry compote



Gourmet Sandwiches

Ham and Cheese Bocadillos - smoked ham, Portuguese cheese, baby spinnach and apple grilled in artisan bread, served with a salad with gourmet lettuces 

Madrid Melt - With Cross Wind Farms feta, walnut spinach, tomato, and roasted red pepper    $11

Mediterranean Chicken Wrap - sun dried tomato, Moroccan black olives, greens, peppers, rosemary & onion - served with hand-cut fries    $12

Pork Pinchos - Fresh pork tenderloin marinated in Spanish spices & served over a braise of peppers & onion served on ciabatta baquette with hand cut fries   $12

Chef's Gravlax of Salmon - with Crosswind Farm goat cheddar, spicy greens & pickled watermelon radish, on a toasted Rye bun with a salad of baby lettuces & blonde frisee in our house vinaigrette   $11

Chicken 'al Ajillo' - garlic roasted chicken, caramelized onions, lemon, herbs, greens, bacon and tequila aioli. Served with hand-cut fries. $12


Chef's Specialties

Filet Pequina - a 4oz filet of beef tenderloin with our chef's own Spanish style steak sauce accompanied by fried potatoes & a saute of exotic mushrooms, curly endive red onion & greens   $22

Spaghetti Squash with a braise of garbonzos, white bean, garlic, citrus and tomato garnished with gourmet sprouts $15

Seared venison carpaccio in a warm salad of exotic mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, cippoline onion, radiccio & watercress - finished with truffle oil & shaved Manchego cheese (imported from Spain) $18


Our chef offers special additions to the menu each day, including fresh fish, handmade pasta and featured Ontario meats


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